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Kevin Coughlin
Kevin Coughlin '10

Chapter Advisory Board Chairman
Home: Glen Rock, NJ
Birthday: March 25, 1988
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Email: kc379 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Pledgeclass: Pi
Big Brother: Chris Green
Little Brother: Andrew Bridson, Kyle Coulon

"But I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, his greatest fulfillment of all he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."-Vince Lombardi
Kyle Coulon
Kyle Coulon '11

Home: Webster, NY
Birthday: February 14, 1989
Major: Industrial and Labor Relations
Email: kwc46 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 585.208.2604
Pledgeclass: Sigma
Big Brother: Kevin Coughlin
Little Brother: Ed Pyszczynksi
"The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare." ~Juma Ikangaa
Bernie J. Daigle Jr.
Bernie J. Daigle Jr. '02
Home: Beaver, PA
Birthday: October 14, 1980
Major: Biology
Email: bdaigle (at) stanford (dot) edu
Phone: 650.814.8888
Pledgeclass: Gamma
Big Brother: Doug Bingham
Little Brother:
Ivan Dashkov
Ivan Dashkov '11

Home: ,
Birthday: December 7, 1989
Email: idashko1 (at) ithaca (dot) edu
Pledgeclass: Phi
Big Brother: Will Goto
Little Brother: Thomas Burton
Stephen Davis
Stephen Davis '08 st m davis11
Home: Knoxsville, TN
Birthday: October 11, 1985
Major: Undecided
Email: smd65 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 607.342.2609
Pledgeclass: Mu
Big Brother: Brent Beren
Little Brother: Brian Mark Scott
Jonathan De Guzman
Jonathan De Guzman '04
Home: Geneva, Switzerland
Birthday: June 30, 1980
Major: Economics
Email: jdd19 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 607.229.0381
Pledgeclass: Alpha
Big Brother:
Little Brother: John L. Falcone, Kyle Getz
Richard W. Deneault
Richard W. Deneault '02 richdog14850
Rich, Princess Amazing
Home: Cornwall, Ontario
Birthday: December 20, 1977
Major: Government,Materials Science and Engineering
Email: rich14850 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Phone: 613.932.5607
Pledgeclass: Delta
Big Brother: Peter Ezekiel Ippel
Little Brother: Stephen Christopher Mullins Jr.
Jeffrey M. Derstadt
Jeffrey M. Derstadt '01

Home: Racine, WI
Birthday: November 2, 1979
Major: Computer Science
Email: (at) (dot)
Pledgeclass: Beta
Big Brother: Jason Edward Litchney
Little Brother: Charles Law Grimm
Tyler Dimenna
Tyler Dimenna '05 tjd29cu
T-Man, Tido, Timon
Home: Bronxville, NY
Birthday: June 24, 1982
Major: Nutritional Science
Email: tjd29 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 607.257.3623
Pledgeclass: Eta
Big Brother: John Conlon
Little Brother: Kenneth Tam
Tim Dressel
Tim Dressel '07 timon109
Cletus, Timmy, TimAY
Home: New Paltz, NY
Birthday: April 19, 1985
Major: Applied Economics and Management
Email: tdressel36 (at) gmail (dot) com
Phone: 845.453.2004
Pledgeclass: Kappa
Big Brother: Mark R. Kendall
Little Brother: Maxim Orlov
"This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time."
-Fight Club
Christopher Ryan Dunphy
Christopher Ryan Dunphy '08

Home: Holland, PA
Birthday: March 31, 1986
Major: Materials Science and Engineering
Email: crd36 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 215.378.9024
Pledgeclass: Xi
Big Brother: Bryan Kashawlic
Little Brother: Paul Olsen
Daniel Eichberg
Daniel Eichberg '11

Home: Potomac, MD
Birthday: February 17, 1989
Major: Biology
Email: dge35 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Pledgeclass: Sigma
Big Brother: Jacob Joseph Stein
Little Brother: Dylan Hull
Jonasz Alden Ely-Rubik
Jonasz Alden Ely-Rubik '03
Jojo, Jo, Dobson, Naz
Home: Lansing, NY
Birthday: October 7, 1981
Major: English
Email: jae26 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 607.279.0087
Pledgeclass: Gamma
Big Brother: Philip Godemann
Little Brother:
Jason Nathaniel Evans
Jason Nathaniel Evans '09 Evansman
Buddha, Chewbacca, Evs, Ace
Home: Chester Springs, PA
Birthday: January 3, 1987
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Email: jne5 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 484.883.9755
Pledgeclass: Xi
Big Brother: Aaron Mendelson
Little Brother: Eric Ross
I wanted to thank you for finding Grover Cleveland's presidential time machine for me. I'll give him your regards
Ari Evans
Ari Evans '09

Home: Gaithersburg, MD
Birthday: July 18, 1987
Email: ae73 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Phone: 202.294.3797
Pledgeclass: Omicron
Big Brother: Jeremy Phillip Rosenweig
Little Brother: Tom Petek
John L. Falcone
John L. Falcone '02
Falcone, Falconer, Marissa
Home: Silver Creek, NY
Birthday: December 15, 1979
Major: Biology
Email: falconej (at) upmc (dot) edu
Phone: 412.855.6635
Pledgeclass: Beta
Big Brother: Jonathan De Guzman
Little Brother: David Reece Broderdorf II, Brandon Joseph Gargiulo
Steve Falcone
Steve Falcone '03
Home: Silver Creek, NY
Birthday: July 25, 1981
Major: Plant Science
Email: (at) (dot)
Pledgeclass: Gamma
Big Brother: Jason Edward Litchney
Little Brother:
Wait! We can use the leg!
Stanley Richard Fang
Stanley Richard Fang '07 H3ero YuY
Stan, Dick
Home: Orlando, FL
Birthday: August 21, 1985
Major: Applied Economics and Management
Email: srf27 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Pledgeclass: Kappa
Big Brother: Brandon Joseph Gargiulo
Little Brother: Douglas Forster, Benjamin Richard Cheetham
When you see all that rhetorical smoke billowing up from the Democrats, well ladies and gentleman, I'd follow the example of their nominee; don't inhale.
-Ronald Reagan, 1992 Republican National Convention
Sky Fogal
Sky Fogal '09

Home: Jim Thorpe, PA
Birthday: October 13, 1986
Major: Hotel Administration
Email: sdf25 (at) cornell (dot) edu
Pledgeclass: Xi
Big Brother: Alexander Robert Rees-Jones
Little Brother: Paul Valle, James Bosco
Television is the first truly democratic culture - the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want.
- Clive Barnes
Dan Foster
Dan Foster '00

Home: Marlboro, MA
Birthday: June 12, 1979
Major: Economics
Email: (at) (dot)
Pledgeclass: Alpha
Big Brother:
Little Brother: Victor Aprea

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